Suzanne Kamata

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Paris Book Festival - Grand Prize Winner

APALA Young Adult Literature Honor

Amelia Bloomer Project List nomination

A 2013 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Nomination!

International Book Awards - Winner - YA Fiction

"Kamata's latest is a sharp, unusual coming-of-age novel...Awkwardly and believably, this sensitive novel reveals an artistic teen adapting to family, disability and friendships in all their flawed beauty." Kirkus

"Kamata’s love and intimate knowledge of Paris streets add atmosphere to this smart and surprising coming-of-age story. Readers will feel whisked away by the romance of an artistic life and appreciate the sensitivity and honesty with which Kamata writes about Aiko’s physical and emotional journeys." Publishers Weekly

"Gadget Girl is like a Japanese garden whose beauty reveals itself little by little. And the more attentive you are, the greater the beauty revealed. Aiko's journey toward acceptance of her uniqueness, which includes that which the world deems imperfect, is told with subtlety and humor. You are going to enjoy reading this book." - Francisco X. Stork, author of MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD

"Suzanne Kamata has created a memorable character in Aiko--a unique girl balancing the desire to be ordinary and extraordinary. Though she's dealing with some difficult obstacles in her life, her desire is particularly relevant and universal to the adolescent experience. An absorbing tale about adversity, art, love, and the courage to accept one's self and others. A pleasure to read!" - Veera Hiranandani, Author of THE WHOLE STORY OF HALF A GIRL