Suzanne Kamata

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Coming in February 2017!

Finalist for the Helen Sheehan Book Award

Teenaged Elise Faulkner feels more at home in water than on land--where her beauty queen mom is constantly criticizing her and her sister is dating the boy of her dreams--until crazy Chiara Hanover comes into her life and leads her to Miguel, a mysterious carnival worker whose dark future has been predicted by a gypsy. (To be published by Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing.)

"Suzanne Kamata's new novel, The Mermaids of Lake Michigan, is a beautiful story about a teenage girl who must learn to balance her idealism and belief in mermaids with the harsh realities of growing up and trying to find people to love and trust. A page-turner set in the unstable years of the 1970s, I devoured it in one sitting. It brought back memories of my own adolescence and took me beyond, in that way all good novels do, into the wonderings of circumstance and the choices we would make if faced with hard decisions. Suitable for teens and adults alike, this novel will teach readers to believe in magic even in the face of tragedy." -- Cassie Premo Steele, Author of Beautiful Waters